Women in Science Film Festival + a panel discussion

Celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with our 10 new short films featuring women scientists from around the world.
Women in Science Film Festival + a panel discussion

The International Science Council (ISC) in partnership with the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) presents a film festival celebrating stories about women in science.

1.Turning local knowledge into scientific knowledge

Bolivian locals speak about the beneficial properties of native tropical fruits, but Natalia is identifying exactly which molecules are responsible, and how, for their valuable characteristics.

2. From citrus waste to sustainable cosmetics

When she saw the enormous amount of citrus waste produced in Nepal, entrepreneur Prativa saw an opportunity to turn it into useful products.

3. How computational physics can help preserve food security

By introducing magnetic refrigeration in northeastern Kenya, Winfred is helping farmers solve the problem of camel milk spoilage, the region’s main source of protein.

4.Innovating a healthier way to smoke fish

Smoked fish are a staple of West African diets, but current preparations come with many health risks. Salifou is developing a safer process based on widely available alternative fuels.

5. Bringing renewable energy to the Congo

By combining energy sources like biomass and solar panels, Maryse is building a hybrid grid system to fuel communities without electricity.

6. Preserving Ecuador’s aquatic ecosystems

Patricia is leading an effort to understand the effects of climate change on sea life and inform mitigation strategies.

7. The scientists saving Malawi’s crops

Grief can set alight passion – so when Elizabeth’s father died, she was spurred on a mission to address an alternative to chemical pesticide use.

8. Battling bias in AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can seem daunting to some and revolutionary for others – but can scientists unlock its possibility to benefit marginalised people? Explore how AI is being used to champion equality and inclusivity at the cutting edge of software innovation.

9. How one young woman’s big tech dreams became a reality

When Ileana applied for an all- female STEAM camp in Rwanda she never could have predicted the profound effect it would have on her life.

10. The female future of science in Africa

In Africa, science has traditionally sought to address development issues – but this is changing. Female scientists are challenging traditional norms through a curiosity-driven, creative approach.

Launch event

Rewatch the launch event, featuring a panel discussion on Case Studies: Approaches to Storytelling in Science with our distinguished speakers:

Tonya Blowers, moderator

Coordinator, OWSD

Megan Lloyd-Laney

Director, CommsConsult

Nick Ishmael-Perkins

Senior consultant, Public Value of Science (ISC)

Nicole Leghissa

Filmmaker, Coordinator OWSD Visions project

Sudin Bajracharya

Filmmaker, Founder, Kathacharya Productions

📅 11 February
🕑 14:00 – 15:15 UTC

Image by Hemera Technologies

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