Workshop on increasing the value of weather-related warnings

HIWeather research focuses on the entire value chain of the provision of weather forecasts and warnings on timescales of minutes to two weeks.

High Impact Weather (HIWeather) is a research project established by WMO’s World Weather Research Programme. HIWeather research aims to build resilience to weather-related hazards through better preparedness.

Despite advances in forecasting and emergency preparedness, weather-related disasters continue to cost many lives, to displace populations and to cause widespread damage.

HIWeather seeks to:

  • Advance understanding of weather processes and predictability
  • Advance weather-related hazard forecasting on various scales
  • Advance forecasting of impacts
  • Measure skill and value of forecasts and warnings
  • Improve the communication and perception of forecasts and warnings

The workshop will focus on hazards and impacts that result from disruptive winter weather, extreme localized winds, wildfires, urban flood, as well as urban heat and air quality. The workshop will be guided by the question of how the value of warnings can be increased.

Applications for workshop participation from all scientists who are working in any of the above-mentioned research areas are invited by 17 September 2018.


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