World Science Forum

The 2019 World Science Forum will provide an opportunity for scientists, policy-makers, representatives from civil society and industry, and science communicators, to discuss the social and economic relevance, influence and responsibilities of science.

The transformative technological developments of the last twenty years, growing demands for the accountability of research expenditures and the spread of opinions challenging scientific evidence have only reinforced the need for the responsible and ethical use of scientific knowledge.

The 2019 World Science Forum, which takes place in Budapest, Hungary, between the 20 and 23 of November, will provide an opportunity for the considerations of scientists, policy-makers, society, industry and science communicators to be challenged from an ethical standpoint in the plenary sessions, and will also allow for more technical debates over issues of science in thematic sessions.

About the World Science Forum

The first UNESCO World Conference on Science was held in 1999 in Budapest. Following the initiative of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2003 the World Science Forum series has played a prominent role in bringing leaders of the world of science and policy together. The biennial World Science Forum series aims to discuss the roles, responsibilities and challenges of science and present issues of common interest to the scientific community and the general public.

The partner organizations of the World Science Forum are:

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