The scientific community has an obligation to explain and champion the role of science in all decisions that affect society. Even when the science is complex and contradicts popularly held ideas, it can help in framing the issues, explaining complexity and proposing possible options.

Global Science TV aims to share scientific expertise directly from experts themselves, while educating, entertaining and informing viewers on major issues of scientific relevance.

Mobilising the knowledge and resources of the ISC’s scientific community, Global Science TV will convene internationally renowned scientific experts as it presents thought-provoking discussions on the pressing events of our times. Hosted by Australian media personality Nuala Hafner, the 15 minute conversational episodes will entertain and inform viewers on the most notable scientific issues that society faces today.

Episode 1: Why can’t we deal with climate change as urgently as COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has shown that the world can act swiftly in a crisis. So, should that give us new hope in the fight against climate change? Nuala Hafner puts that question to ISC Patron Mary Robinson and ISC President Daya Reddy.

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Related: Read the op-ed by Mary Robinson and Daya Reddy for Project Syndicate “Tackling Climate Change with COVID-19 Urgency”

Special episode: Big questions for big thinkers – with Ismail Serageldin

Ismail Serageldin is often described as Egypt’s most intelligent man. He has 40 honorary doctorates and has published more than 100 books. We spoke to him about the role science can play in healing global divisions.

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Episode 2: #ShutDownSTEM

Astrophysicist Dr Brittany Kamai helped organise academics and scientists around the world to stop work in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Special episode: Big questions for big thinkers – with Vint Cerf

Watch this 10-minute interview with Vint Cerf – an ISC Patron, a founding father of the modern internet, and Chief Evangelist of Google. Cerf speaks about his journey creating the internet in the late 70’s, his recovery from COVID-19, and his predictions for the future of technology.

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Get involved

ISC Members are encouraged to get involved by suggesting a speaker for the upcoming episodes and/or sharing science-related photos to be featured on the Global Science TV social media accounts.

Global Science TV will operate on two levels:

  • Firstly, it will be free content involving scientific experts and accessible personalities, that can be distributed globally on social channels (including AI translations) to a wide audience.
  • ISC members are encouraged to use the global content as conversation starters, to then bring in their own local experts for live question and answer sessions for a local, national or regional perspective. The Royal Irish Academy’s Q&A with Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland and ISC Patron on the climate emergency which they held at the end of April 2020 is a great example of live Q&A using streaming technology for an online audience.

The ISC is hoping that through this project, ISC members will be inspired to use Global Science TV as a springboard for local conversations as part of the Public Value of Science project from the ISC’s Action Plan. With the ongoing COVID-19 global emergency, there has never been a more important time for collaboration between scientists, the general public and policy makers that enhances the public value of science.

Global Science TV is a co-production of the International Science Council and the Australian Academy of Science, with the opportunity for further collaboration by ISC members.

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