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Canada, National Research Council of Canada (NRC)

The National Research Council of Canada has been a member since 1919.

The National Research Council of Canada has represented the interests of the Canadian scientific community in ICSU since its creation. National Committees have been established for each of the Unions and many of the scientific committees. These are composed of representatives from universities, government and industry. NRC has a broad mandate to undertake, assist and promote scientific and industrial research in Canada. As a knowledge and innovation-based organization, NRC is a unique asset both for Canada and the global S&T community. NRC spans the innovation spectrum, from research discovery at the frontiers of knowledge to innovation. Regarded as Canada’s premier science and engineering institution, NRC fulfils three main responsibilities: as a partner with industry in research and development; as an engine for technological development and economic growth in the national interest; and as a contributor to the development of the national science and technology infrastructure. In addition, NRC fosters the development and training of human resources by providing access to its own expertise and unique facilities. NRC is also responsible for Canada’s participation in a number of other international non-governmental and governmental organizations. In this respect, NRC’s mandate is to facilitate the exchange of experience, expertise and technology between Canada, NRC and international scientific and/or engineering communities.

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