Colombia, Young Academy of Colombia

The Young Academy is a branch of the Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences that gathers academics, artists, and young scientists with merits in their professional performance.

Based on an interdisciplinary dialogue of young researchers, the aim is to facilitate the social appropriation of science, acquire new scientific strategies, and look for collaborations to generate projects and support new approaches to solving problems of national and international importance. The Young Academy aims to complement the Colonmbian Academy’s action spaces to support its missionary work.


To provide new perspectives to the Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical, and Natural Sciences, the Young Academy will focus mainly on:

  • Dissemination and promotion of science and technology: communicate to the general public scientific and technological knowledge, research processes, and results emphasizing national achievements.
  • Interdisciplinary exchange: promotes cooperation and encourages the exchange of scientific, social, and cultural knowledge.
  • Scientific policy: participate in debates and actions relevant to the definition of scientific and technological policies in Colombia.
  • Insertion into scientific life: Identify problems, opportunities, and challenges for young scientists at the beginning of their careers and offer guidance, including establishing links with the Colombian diaspora.


The Young Academy will be a reference in the dissemination and promotion of science, disciplinary exchange, scientific policy, and the insertion of young researchers into scientific life. It will create and participate in spaces for interdisciplinarity work through the convergence of academics, artists, and young scientists, with equitable regional, disciplinary, and gender representation.

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