Ethiopia, Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MinT)

In 2019, the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology were united and re-organized in the name of the “Ministry of Innovation and Technology”.

Ethiopia, Danakil depression

The Ethiopian Innovation and Technology ministry is established as a government institution for the first time in level of commission as per the provision of Proclamation No. 62/76. Consequent to this, it has been re-organized and operated in the name of the name of “FDRE Science and Technology” in the level of Ministry as per Proclamation No. 603/2009.

The institution has been carrying out various activities since the time it is established in the level of commission up to these days and with a view to realize the vision to see building up of bridge to transform our country to overall prosperity by supported with innovation technology knowledge and research skill has been implemented as of very recently.


Build a country that is conducive for job and wealth creation through technology and innovation.


To ensure the sustainability of the country’s development by creating an environment in which innovation systems are implemented.

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The Ministry of Innovation and Technology has been a Member of the International Science Council since 2006.

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash


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