International Sociological Association (ISA)

ISA has been a member since 1952.

The International Sociological Association (ISA) is a non-profit association for scientific purposes in the field of social sciences. The ISA was founded in 1949 under the auspices of UNESCO. The goal of the ISA is to represent sociologists everywhere, regardless of their school of thought, scientific approaches or ideological opinion, and to advance sociological knowledge throughout the world. Its members come from 126 countries.

The International Sociological Association organizes World Congresses and Forums of Sociology every two year; coordinates networks of Research Committees, Working and Thematic Groups, each dealing with a well-recognised speciality in sociology. ISA sponsors activities of national associations of sociology and has developed special activities for junior scholars.

ISA publishes two journals Current Sociology and International Sociology, as well as a book series Sage Studies in International Sociology.  Moreover, ISA has developed the following on-line publications and activities:

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