Moldova, Academy of Sciences of Moldova

The Academy of Sciences of Moldova has been a member since 1993.

The Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM) is a state institution, the highest scientific forum of the country, which brings together in its composition Full Members, Corresponding Members and Honorary Members, it has the status of a juridical person, an autonomous statute and activates on the principles of self-administration.
The activity of the Academy of Sciences is based on the Law regarding the state policy in the research and development sphere (1999), the Law on the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (2000), the Statute of the Academy and other normative documents.

The establishment of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova took place on August 2, 1961. At present, the Academy of Sciences of Moldova brings together 48 Full Members, 61 Corresponding Members and 43 Honorary Members. The Executive Board is represented by the Presidium, which is headed by the President. At present, the Academy comprises 4 Scientific Sections: Mathematical, Physical and Technical Sciences; Biological, Chemical and Agricultural Sciences; Humanities, Social and Economical Sciences, and Medical Sciences in whose composition the institutes and scientific centres of the Academy are included.

In the framework of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova there are also the Experimental-Production Base, Publishing-Polygraphic Enterprise “Stiinta”, the Printing-House, the Central Scientific Library, Central Scientific Archive, the Centre of Plant Genetic Resources, National Collection of Microorganisms, the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography.

The main task of the Academy is to advance fundamental researches in pure sciences, life sciences and humanities, to conduct long-term scientific investigations closely connected with national and international science and culture, the priority being given to ecological problems and nature conservation as well as development of national economy of Moldova.

The Academy of Sciences of Moldova actively develops international relations and successfully integrates itself in the world scientific community. The Academy of Sciences of Moldova collaborates with a number of important scientific organizations as INTAS, UNESCO, IAEA, NATO Scientific Committee, ALLEA and is a member of the International Association of Academies of Sciences (IAAS) and of the International Science Council.

Agreements of co-operation were signed with the Academy of Sciences of Romania, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarusi and the Royal Society (UK).
The scientific research institutes of the Academy collaborate with scientific organizations, universities and industrial firms from Romania, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, USA, Israel, Turkey and participate in joint scientific investigations.

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