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Pakistan, National Academy of Young Scientists Pakistan (NAYS)

NAYS is working to promote Science and Technology in Pakistan by collaborative effort of Young Researchers

NAYS is mobilizing young scientists (researchers/professionals) and scholars by providing them an environment where they can collaborate and exchange their fruitful innovative ideas and information in multidisciplinary science domains with an advisor council that includes highly qualified professors for their guidance. It supports young researchers to further their research, to enrich their knowledge and to prove their flair in research oriented subjects. Moreover, NAYS firmly believes that engaging young scientists (researchers / professionals) and utilizing their capabilities by better orientation, improvisation and execution would definitely bring a remarkable boom of science and technology in Pakistan.

Moreover the role of established overseas Pakistani scientists (professionals/ researchers) and scholars in NAYS is indispensable. They are not only part of NAYS but also amongst executives of it. NAYS is a combined platform for both local scientists (researchers/professionals) and overseas Pakistani scholars.

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