Young Academy of Europe (YAE)

A pan-European initiative of young scientists for networking, scientific exchange and science policy

Young Academy of Europe (YAE)

The Young Academy of Europe (YAE) is organised as a bottom-up initiative of a dynamic and innovative group of recognised European young scholars with outspoken views about science and science policy. Since 2019, the YAE is a registered charity organisation.

YAE Mission

Flag of the European Union

The YAE provide input and advice from a younger generation’s perspective – a vital input to shape EU-wide policy for the benefit of future European scholars.

The key aims of the YAE are to:

The YAE seeks to widen participation across Europe and across the research domains.

Aims of the YAE

The YAE focuses on (but is not limited to) the following main aims and activities:

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The Young Academy of Europe (YAE) has been a Member of the International Science Council since 2023.

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