Visionary Partners and Funders: Get involved

Join us and be part of this mission-led collaborative effort to unleash the full potential of science for advancing societal transformation to sustainability and drive system change in the way science is done, assessed, and funded.

Visionary Partners and Funders: Get involved

To unlock the full potential of science to achieve the SDGs in the short time frame that is left requires more strategic and collaborative approaches to science funding, moving away from individual to collective action.

Together, science funders are in a powerful position and can achieve a longer-term impact at a scale beyond what any one actor could achieve alone. With the increasingly likely prospect of a long-term economic downturn and its impacts on science funding, collaboration between science funders becomes even more important. And the SDG framework provides a common language and organizing principles for that collaboration to happen. 

On behalf of the Global Commission, the International Science Council is calling on visionary funders – national funding agencies, foundations, philanthropies, development aid agencies, and development banks – to build strategic partnership and collaboration across funding sectors and support the development and implementation of Science Missions for Sustainability around the world in order to meet our most daunting sustainability challenges.  

Scaling up science investment to support a limited number of Science Missions for Sustainability provides a real opportunity for mobilizing the best of global science for societal transformations to sustainability. This urgent moment in human existence on planet Earth requires visionary thinking and fundamentally disruptive actions from funders around the world, stepping out of business-as-usual approaches to funding science. We see funders, scientists and communities working together to create sustainability outcomes in an integrated and coordinated manner. 


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