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Biodiversity Meeting on Ancestral Knowledge

From March 24th-28th, Dr. Manuel Limonta, in representation of ISC ROLAC, attended several meeting on the area of biodiversity.

These meetings were for the follow up of the activities that arose from the ancestral knowledge event that took place in el Salvador in December of 2018.  There was also a meeting at CONACYT to seek support for the continuity of the program and the realization of another event in Mexico City. The general purpose was to project the next meeting of the group that works on ancestral knowledge in LAC. Other purposes were discussions in the Mexican CONACYT offices for the search of funds for the realization of the next meeting and editing of a book already concluded on ancestral knowledge; and a discussion to organize the elaboration of a book that contains the deliberations of the event held in San Salvador on ancestral knowledge.

It was timely to hold this meeting at this stage, since the balance of the meeting allows us to check the development of the agreements; participate actively in discussion and analysis and specify actions in search of financing; define the next event date; and  agree on the realization of a second book and other aspects that allow to keep alive the work and the projections that we have in the trajectories to achieve an organization in defense of ancestral knowledge.

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