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CILAC 2018

The CILAC 2018 Forum took place this October 22nd-to October 24th in Panama City. It involved over 200 specialists from more than 25 countries.

The Second Open Science Forum (CILAC) took place in Panama City this past October from the 22nd to the 24th.  This forum was attended by high-level specialists from more than 25 countries, and about 200 specialists in science, innovation, business advancement, and policymaking. This event had the purpose of creating joint strategies in order to help the region reach the Sustainable Development Goals set by the 2030 Agenda. CILAC had more than 100 activities, in addition to more than 20 parallel events and activities.

The event had three main areas: Sustainable Cities, New Bio-economies, and Resilient Territories. Some of the topics of the lectures given by experts from all over the area were: “S&T development and cities sustainable: public politics and production of knowledge. IA in Smart Cities; Science Diplomacy in Latin America”; “Open Science; Mechanisms of adaptation to change climate; and “Initiatives of bio-economy in LAC”. Dr. Manuel Limonta, ISC ROLAC regional director, was invited to participate as panelist in the Regional cooperation in STI and sustainable development roundtable, which took place on October 23rd.

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