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Climate change solutions in focus ahead of COP26

The Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG) has released a Special Issue on Climate Change Solutions, in collaboration with the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s Science and Innovation Network (UK SIN) in advance of COP26, which takes place later this year.

This article is part of the ISC’s Transform21 series, which features resources from our network of scientists and change-makers to help inform the urgent transformations needed to achieve climate and biodiversity goals.

The 2021 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26), which takes place in Glasgow, UK, this November, will be a pivotal moment for countries to finalize discussions on implementation of the Paris Agreement, and to propose more ambitious pledges on climate mitigation, adaptation and finance.

In preparation for the conference, a special issue of the Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG) focuses on three of the UK’s priority areas for COP26: Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change, The Transition to Clean Energy-Phasing Out Coal Power and Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change. Students, post-docs, early career researchers and young professionals were encouraged to consider how public policies or governance structures could address global climate change via these lenses.

The Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG) is an international nonprofit organization and open-access peer- reviewed publication that aims to serve as a platform for students and early career researchers to contribute to the widest range of policy and governance topics relating to science, technology and innovation. Find out more at

The UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN) has approximately 100 officers in over 40 countries and territories around the world building partnerships and collaborations on science and innovation. SIN officers work with the local science and innovation community in support of UK policy overseas, with the aim of creating mutual benefits to the UK and the host country.

The International Science Council is working together with the incoming UK Presidency of COP26 to curate material related to the conference on Transform 21, a global science portal.

Explore the global science portal at:

Photo: K.H.Reichert via Flickr.

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