CubaSalud 2018 Convention

This past April 23rd to April 27th, The “CubaSalud” Convention took place in Havana, Cuba. Several of ISC ROLAC’s Secretariat were in attendance, and  were also joined by Dr. Violeta Menjívar, Minister of Health of El Salvador, among others

The International Convention “Cubasalud” 2018 was held from April 23rd to the 27th, to which the ICSU ROLAC office was invited to present proposals for conferences related to advances in Health. Because one of the priority areas of ICSU ROLAC is Urban Health, the office has been working very closely with the ministry of health and the inter-sectoral working group consisting of integrated ministries and institutions to work on the implementation of the Urban Health Model In El Salvador. Violeta Menjívar, Health Minister of El Salvador, talked about the urban health model and the health reform in El Salvador. ICSU ROLAC, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, formed a delegation that represented El Salvador to present on health reform on El Salvador. One of the major achievements that came out of this meeting was to show the achieved goals of the Salvadorian Urban Health program that serves as a guideline as a reference to other countries that are interested in working in the program.

The convention included a series of simultaneous presentations, conferences, round tables, plenary sessions on scientific topics related to Health, Risk Reduction and Disasters, Management of Non-Communicable Diseases, Environmental Health and Development Sustainable, Chronic Diseases, New Advances in Treatments Chronic Diseases, Use of Stem    Cells, New Tools Technological in Health etc. To which the commission had the opportunity

to attend and participate in several papers of interest. El Salvador had its participation with the magisterial presentation of the Dr. María Isabel Rodríguez on the subject of Health Reform, Analysis and Development in its First Stage, followed by the presentation of the Minister of Health of El Salvador, Dr. Violeta Menjívar on the topic the Health Reform in El Salvador, achievements during the period 2014-2017 and the Presentation of the Urban Health Program in El Salvador. During the stay in Cuba, the delegation of El Salvador had the opportunity to cover a work agenda in parallel with the activities of the convention which included meetings  with authorities in the field of health, visits to hospitals, interviews with the press, etc.

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