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Facilitating understanding, scientific collaboration, and project management in the Region

A selected group of researchers from El Salvador attended a seminar about project management and scientific collaboration on May 30th, 2017.

On May 30th 2017, Dr. Manuel Limonta conducted a four-hour seminar about project management with a selected group of researchers from El Salvador. The seminar took place at ICSU ROLAC facilities in San Salvador, El Salvador. Different participants from Ministry of Education of El Salvador could attend this activity. Such participants are listed as follows: Dr. Erlinda Hándal Vega (Vice minister of Science and Technology from El Salvador); Dr. Santa Romero Jovel, Licda. Ana Karina Cuchilla de Merlos, Licda. Carmen Elena Arias Rivas, David Alfredo Servellón Carpio and Lic. Agustín Umberto Albeño Martínez.

The aim of the seminar was to facilitate understanding in the scientific collaboration within the country and the region which aligns with one of the three fundamental pillars of ICSU, International Research Collaboration.  To accomplish such objective, Dr. Manuel Limonta presented about essential terminology related to project management such as: what a project is; how to set objectives for a project; types of projects and how to execute them; team management, among others. He then presented about stages in a project, design, definition, planning, defining risks, risk management, and writing a plan. After his presentation, attendees were able to have a question and answer session with Dr Manuel Limonta in which they could go deeply in issues related to project management.  Besides that, participants could exchange information, experiences about their current researches, and possible ways of supporting their work.

After having completed this four-hour session, the participants of the meeting proposed to have a second meeting in which they can present the progress of their researches and continue sharing their experiences and insights.

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