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Ministers of Science and Technology of the OAS met in Colombia

High authorities of Science and Technology of the LAC region met in Medellin, Colombia, where they discussed topics such as equitable access to technologies, inclusive education in science, renewable energies, and many more.

Fifth Meeting of Ministers of Science and Technology of the OAS

Ministers and High Authorities of Science and Technology of the Americas met on November 2 and 3, in Medellin, Colombia in which around fifty participants among ministers, deputy ministers, secretaries of state, presidents, directors and advisors of national organizations in the areas of science, technology, representing 35 member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) could participate.

The activity was titled “Science, Technology, And Innovation As Science, Technology And Innovation As Pillars Of Transformation In The Americas” Participants could partake in plenary sessions issues such as: progress and challenges in the implementation of the Guatemala 2016-2020; evolution of innovation policies in the Americas; Staying at the forefront of world developments in the scientific field and new actors; Reports and Recommendations from COMCYT Working Groups about the Guatemala 2016.2020 action plan; Transformational Technologies: Opportunities and challenges; and others.

In such plenaries and discussions, attendees could address issues as the ones listed below:

·         equitable access to technologies;

·         inclusive education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics;

·         generation of products and services with high added value and creation of quality jobs;

·         production of clean and renewable energies;

·         sustainable transport;

·         Food security at the regional level and support for technology-based small and medium-sized industries (PYMES)

ICSU ROLAC, convinced of the importance of being interconnected with global initiatives and international partners, participated in this meeting disseminating the work of our office, and also establishing bridges of future collaboration with participating organizations and representatives from national institutions

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