Researcher Assessment: ISC Members invited to respond to global survey by 15 December

Joint global mapping exercise on research evaluation and engagement launched for national academies and research councils, and regional and international scientific associations. Survey closes 15 December 2023

The ISC, Global Young Academy (GYA) and the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) have joined forces on a project to understand and shape the future of researcher assessment. ISC Members are invited to fill in the survey to inform this important project.

Building on the recent joint report, The Future of Research Evaluation: A Synthesis of Current Debates and Developments, there is an urgent need to map engagement with researcher assessment across the ISC’s, GYA’s and IAP’s memberships, by exploring the criteria, policies and statements Member organizations may have produced. The survey also seeks to explore Member activities and ambitions for reforming researcher assessment.

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The Future of Research Evaluation: A Synthesis of Current Debates and Developments

Over recent years, concerns have risen about the limitations and potential biases of traditional evaluation metrics which often fait to capture the full range of research impact and quality. Consequently there has been an increased demand by stakeholders to reform current research evaluation systems.

The Future of Research Evaluation gives a review of the current state of research evaluation systems and discusses the most recent actions, response and initiatives taken by different stakeholders through several case examples from around the world.  The goal of this discussion paper is to contribute to the ongoing debates and open questions on the future of research evaluation.

To read the report in world languages, click the language button in the top right menu bar and follow the chapter links provided.

There are growing discussions about the limitations of traditional assessment metrics, and the research community has reached a moment where decisions are being made about how we will define value and success in the future. Your organization’s views and activities can help shape those choices to deliver a positive outcome for the global research community.

A specialist agency – CultureBase – has been commissioned to help deliver this mapping exercise.

👉 Download the Word version of the survey if you wish to circulate the questions among your colleagues for input before completing the survey online ⬇.

Deadline for responses is 12:00 (UTC) on Friday 15 December 2023

Please provide a single response per Member organization. Please note that responses and input from the survey will be summarized in a public report to be released in 2024. A project team member may also contact respondents to obtain further information on their answers.

We look forward to your response and having your support on this important project.

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