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TWAS – ROLAC Meeting

Dr Manuel Limonta attended meetings this past June 28th to discuss the next Young Scientists event, which will take place on November 28th and 29th.

This past June 28th, Dr. Manuel Limonta attended meetings at the Brazilian Academy of Sciences to define the realization of the Young Scientists event organized by the TWAS and ISC ROLAC together with the TYAN (TWAS Youth Academy). The meetings were attended by Dr. Manuel Limonta, Regional Director of the Latin American and the Caribbean of the International Science Council, Prof. Luiz Davidovich, president of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, and Dr. Vivaldo Moura, outgoing TWAS Director, and others. The general structure of the upcoming event was discussed, remembering that some central conferences would be held on topics of great importance to young scientists. There will also be presentations by TYAN members

The framework of this meeting would be used so that TYAN also holds a meeting related to the internal work coordination of this organization.

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