Dan Larhammar

Professor of Molecular Biology at Uppsala University Faculty of Medicine, Sweden

ISC Fellow

Dan Larhammar

Dan Larhammar is professor of molecular biology at Uppsala University Faculty of Medicine since 1994. His research revolves around neurotransmitters and hormones and their receptors and evolution. He has investigated neurotransmitters involved in the regulation of appetite as well as the cells in the eye that mediate vision, i.e., rods and cones. He presently works on the mechanisms of long-term memory and new strategies to treat Parkinson’s disease.

He has a strong interest in the distinction between science and pseudoscience as well as research ethics and efforts to detect fraud in science. He is also involved in discussions about predatory journals. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences since 2007 and served as its president 2018-2022 during which time he also chaired the Academy’s International Committee. He initiated the Academy’s series of popular-science texts that explain vaccines, climate change and other matters for the general public. He has served on working groups in EASAC and ALLEA that have written statements of psedudoscientific alternative medicine and how to tackle science disinformation.

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