Jisoon Lee

Professor Jisoon Lee, a Korean national, is currently teaching at the Seoul National University as an Emeritus. He studied at the University of Chicago, and before coming to SNU, he taught at Brown University.

Member of the Standing Committee for Finance 2022-2025

In 2014 he was elected as a Lifetime Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea. He had served as the (civilian) Chairman of the Committee on Green Growth, Republic of Korea for two years.

Professor Lee’s research interests are in economic growth/development and environment/ resources. His academic works since 2010 include the followings: A book titled Green Growth: Korean Initiatives for Green Civilization, Random House. Two journal articles written in English, “Examining a Green Growth Model for Policy Implications” and “From a Disaster to a Miracle: Suggestions for North Korea.” His book, The Rise and Fall of National Economies (in Korean, 2018) is widely acclaimed.

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