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Leopoldo Gerhardinger

ISC Fellow (2023)

Dr. Gerhardinger is an ocean sustainability scientist working in the fields of marine ethnoecology, social-ecological analysis, and ocean governance. He actively employs inter- and transdisciplinary approaches, extending his influence beyond academic circles to create knowledge action networks aimed at enhancing ocean governability at various levels, from local to global. Gerhardinger’s roles as a co-founder and advisor span several prominent organizations in the field, including the International Panel for Ocean Sustainability, the Brazilian Future Ocean Panel, The Oceanography Society, Linha D’Água Institute, Ocean Knowledge Action Network, Future Earth Assembly, Early Career Researchers Network of Networks, and the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers, among others.

His commitment to a human rights-based approach to marine conservation has earned him recognition and several awards. In 2021, the Brazilian Ocean Horizon program and the Babitonga Ativa project received the Sustainable Development Goals Prize. The PainelMar network was also awarded the Columbus Blue Society Award for Impactful Knowledge Transfer in 2018. Gerhardinger’s efforts epitomize his dedication to improving the governance of the oceans and nurturing healthier marine ecosystems, achieved through a unique combination of scientific rigor and innovative policy-making strategies.

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