Luisa Fernanda Echeverría-King

Member of the Liaison Committee of the ISC Regional Focal Point for the Latin American and Caribbean Region

Luisa F. Echeverría-King holds a PhD in Education from Universidad de Murcia (Spain) and is a researcher at Corporación Universitaria del Caribe (CECAR) in Colombia. Luisa is a researcher on issues related to international higher education, science diplomacy and the development of science, technology and innovation capacities in Latin America. She undertakes also consultancies and projects at the interface of science, diplomacy and public policy. She studied Translation, Linguistics and Cultural Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany.

In 2020, Echeverría-King took a Course on Science Diplomacy in India, thanks to a scholarship granted by the Indian government. She is also a fellow of the Warsaw School of Science Diplomacy and the Brazilian School of Science of Science and Innovation Diplomacy. She is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of the World Academy of Sciences for a course on Science Diplomacy with a perspective on Southern countries and DAAD fellow for a course on Management of Internationalization, as well as MASHAV fellow on a course on New Pedagogies for Higher Education. Executive Director of Diplocientifica. She is Vice-President of the Colombian National Chapter of the Organization for Women in Science in the Developing World from UNESCO (OWSD).


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