Paul Arthur Berkman

-Founder and President of the Science Diplomacy Center™, USA
-ISC Fellow

Professor Paul Arthur Berkman is Founder and President of the Science Diplomacy Center™ nonprofit in the United States. Prof. Berkman also is a Faculty Associate with the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and Associate Director of Science Diplomacy in the Harvard-MIT Public Disputes Program as well as a Fellow with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

He wintered in Antarctica on a SCUBA research expedition in 1981 and became a Visiting Professor at the University of California Los Angeles the following year at the age of 23, when he began to teach about science diplomacy. Prof. Berkman integrates with inclusion and common-interest building, bridging research into action, as elaborated in the Springer book series about INFORMED DECISIONMAKING FOR SUSTAINABILITY. For his international, transdisciplinary and inclusive contributions – which include co-directing the first (and only) formal dialogue between NATO and Russia about Arctic security and coordinating the GLOBAL INDIGENOUS YOUTH SUMMIT ON CLIMATE CHANGE in 2023 with 1300+ registrants from 112+ nations across 88+ languages.

Prof. Berkman has been honoured with awards in the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Norway, New Zealand and Japan.

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