Pekka Aula

Secretary General

Finnish Academy of Science and Letters

Involvement at the ISC

  • Member of the Committee for Outreach and Engagement


Pekka Aula is the Secretary General at the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. Previously he held the positions of Professor of Communication at the University of Helsinki and Professor of Innovation Communication at the Lappeenranta University of Technology. Aula defended his doctoral dissertation in 1999 at the Faculty of Social Science in University of Helsinki.

Aula has close to fifteen years working experience as a professor in the area of communication and media studies. He has a vast experience in the special fields of reputation management, corporate and communication and PR, digital communication, and media. Aula’s research concentrates on the social and emotional aspects of reputation and elucidates the digital publicity, such as social media, as a communicative context for reputational dynamics.

Aula has published widely. His recent books include Strategic Reputation Management: Towards a Company of Good, and The Reputable Firm: How Digitalization of Communication Is Revolutionizing Reputation Management. Aula has done international research in The Netherlands and in the United States, including at Stanford University. In 2012–2013, Aula acted as the Head of Discipline of Media and Communication Studies at the University of Helsinki.

Aula holds or has held many administrative positions and positions of trust in society. For example, Aula is a member of the Steering Committee of Ministry of Education and Culture’s Team Finland Knowledge and a member of the Scientific Committee of Helsingin Sanomat Foundation. In addition, Aula has acted actively as an advisor and a consultant in both the public and business sector organizations.

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