Rathana Peou Norbert-Munns

Co-chair of the International Science Council Working Group Report on the UNDRR Sendai Mid-Term Review 

Dr. Rathana Peou Norbert-Munns is an award-winning futurist (APF- IF 2022). She is an is an experienced researcher and practitioner on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security currently based in S.E. Asia. She has an extensive experience in design, implementation, capacity building and analysis within the practice of foresight planning for sustainable and resilient Food Systems. Dr. Peou Norbert-Munns brings a depth of experience and expertise within the fields of Foresight and Scenarios Planning in Asia, actively contributing over the last 10 years to the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) as a Regional Scenarios Coordinator first in South Asia, and then in Southeast Asia. In 2021, she joined the FAO Regional Office of Asia Pacific as their Climate Foresight and Scenarios Development expert and work now with the FAO Cambodia office supporting climate foresight guided policy formulation. Within this capacity she also served as Policy Researcher at Utrecht University with the Copernicus Institute and, prior to 2017, with Oxford University at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI). In 2018-2019, she developed the first ever Climate Parliamentary Diplomacy Training tailored to the needs    of parliamentarian staff within the ASEAN. Her research interests lie in the “4 inviolate principles”: food security, water security, energy security and social “health” security with her current research focusing on the futures of Food, Agriculture and Climate Change within the ASEAN Member States (AMS). Prior to joining CCAFS team, Dr. Peou Norbert-Munns served for 3 years in Bangladesh as the Deputy Director of the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) and as an associate professor at ULAB. Before 2009, Dr. Peou Norbert-Munns worked as an international consultant and humanitarian worker in Sudan, Pakistan and Bangladesh working in implementing development projects and formulating climate policies. She has in the past, and continues to consult for agencies such as DFID, USAID, ECHO, DIPECHO, AFD, EU, ADB, CTA and different INGOs and NGOs.  

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