Sandra Mitchell

Distinguished Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Member of the Standing Committee for Science Planning 2022-2025

Sandra D. Mitchell is Distinguished Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh. She is the author of Biological Complexity and Integrative Pluralism (2003) Cambridge University Press, Komplexitäten. Warum wir erst anfangen, die Welt zu verstehen (2008) Suhrkamp Verlag, and Unsimple Truths: Science, Complexity and Policy (2009) University of Chicago Press as well as numerous articles on the structure of scientific explanations of complex systems from protein conformation and social insects to behavioral genetics and human economy. Mitchell introduced the notion of integrative pluralism to describe the relationships among the multiple, partial and perspectival scientific models of complex behaviors. Her 2009 book details the ways in which understanding the science of complexity requires changes in our views of knowledge of nature, how we obtain such knowledge, and how we use that knowledge to pursue the interests of humanity. She is past president of the Philosophy of Science Association (2016-2018) and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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