Climate Change

Clearing the air: is ammonia our key to cleaner skies?

To mark the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, the International Science Council had a conversation with Professor Baojing Gu of Zijingang University, a 2023 laureate of the Frontiers Planet Prize. Professor Gu's groundbreaking work has shifted the focus in the fight against air pollution toward an often overlooked yet critical element: ammonia.


Unveiling the health benefits of forests and trees

On the occasion of Desertification and Drought Day, let us reflect on the intricate connections between forests, human health and well-being, and the escalating challenges posed by desertification and drought.


ISC’s nomination track ensures transdisciplinary and global representation in UNEP’s Scientific Advisory Group for GEO-7 Assessment

Dr. Monica Moraes from the Bolivian National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Ervin Balázs from Hungary's Centre for Agricultural Research and Dr. Yonglong Lu from China's Xiamen University, are nominated to UNEP’s Multidisciplinary Expert Scientific Advisory Group (MESAG), responsible for advising the scientific credibility of the seventh edition of the Global Environment Outlook (GEO-7) assessment.


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