Counting on mathematicians to help save the planet

On a brilliant white ice floe floating in the Arctic Ocean, a group of people in bulky coats adjust to the biting cold, having been dropped off by helicopter. “All of a sudden, I turn around and there’s a polar bear and it starts running at us,” says Jody Reimer, recounting a moment of panic. “Luckily, the helicopter swooped back in to scare the bear off, but I had the adrenaline shakes for the rest of the day,” she adds, laughing.


Mathematics for a better world

Schools and organizations worldwide are celebrating the contributions of mathematics to the global public good this International Day of Mathematics.


International Maths Day Taichung

World Logic Day, 14 January

The Conseil International de Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines (CIPSH) and its member organisation, the Division for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (DLMPST/IUHPST), are coordinating the dynamic and global annual celebration of World Logic Day with UNESCO.


Maryam Mirzakhani first female winner of Fields medal

<p>The medal, awarded at an event hosted by the <a href="">International Mathematical Union</a> (IMU), an ICSU Member, was awarded to Iranian national Mirzakhani for her work on complex geometry. She is one of four winners this year.</p>


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