Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability Week at the UN General Assembly

The ISC continues to deepen its engagement with the UN General Assembly to advance science-informed deliberation, debate, and decision-making – most recently, through a high-level debate on debt sustainability and socioeconomic equality for all.


Establishment of the ISC expert group on plastic pollution

The International Science Council is pleased to announce the formation of its expert group on plastic pollution. This marks an important step towards ensuring that science plays a pivotal role in advancing the ongoing development of an internationally binding instrument to address plastic pollution.


How COP28 failed the world’s small islands

As the gavel came down on the latest round of climate talks in Dubai, there were declarations of “we united, we acted, we delivered” from the COP28 presidency. This was met by a sense of déjà vu among delegates of the Alliance of Small Island States (Aosis), an intergovernmental organisation representing the nations most vulnerable to climate change.


COP28 background screen

Early-career researchers’ insights on climate

This blog launches the collective blog series, "Amplifying the Voices of Young Scientists", based on interviews with Early and Mid-Career Researchers across various disciplines hailing from around the world.


saudi arabia horizon at night

Large Ocean States and climate change: a plea for adaptation

This piece is part of a series of special blogs developed to raise awareness of inclusive climate perspectives, with a focus on early and mid-career researchers (EMCR) as well as scientists from the Global South. In this article, Dr. Ma. Laurice Jamero, a sustainability scientist focusing on impact and adaptation, explains how social sciences participate in mainstreaming climate change into development planning.


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