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Fostering tomorrow’s science: the ISC’s engagements with Early and Mid-Career Researchers in 2023

To mark the launch of its newsletter dedicated to updates and opportunities for Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR), the International Science Council reflects on a year rich in engagements with the next generations of scientists.

The International Science Council (ISC) celebrates reaching important 2023 milestones towards elevating the voice of Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) in global science. Beyond opening the ISC membership to Young Academies and Associations (YAA), we initiated the first YAA Forum and organized numerous joint ISC/Global Young Academy (GYA) sessions and roundtables as part of multiple international initiatives supporting EMCR throughout the year.

As 2023 comes to an end, we conclude with another important achievement: the first edition of the ISC EMCR Newsletter. The newsletter will be the communication and engagement tool dedicated to the wider EMCR community and our Members, including Young Academies and Associations.

We encourage you to share this newsletter within your institutions and networks, reaching out to any scientists whom you think might be interested.

“Being part of the ISC this year has been truly rewarding. Serving on the ISC-Future Africa Project Steering Committee and contributing to the Constitutional reform process allowed me to actively influence the Council’s strategic direction. Engaging in events like the ‘Mid-Term Meeting of ISC Members’ in Paris has been invaluable, fostering connections and meaningful exchanges. In sessions like ‘Science Education and Training the Next Generation of Scientists,’ I emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in global scientific advancement. Through the ISC, my perspectives have broadened, empowering me to contribute meaningfully to shaping the future of science globally. It provided me a global stage to highlight the necessity of including young scientists in pivotal conversations about the future of science.”

Priscilla Kolibea Mante, Co-chair of the Global Young Academy

“From an invitation to speak at the ISC Mid-term meeting in a panel focused on training the next generation of scientists, my engagement with this ISC has strongly developed. I have had the pleasure of being nominated and elected to the CODATA Executive Committee and the honour of being nominated to the ISC Fellowship. I found in the ISC an open, vibrant and supportive community. Their eagerness to include and support Early and Mid-Career Researchers reflects a forward-thinking vision and fosters a culture of solidarity and progress in the global scientific community.”

Cyrus Pan Walther, President of the International Association of Physics Students

The Young Academies and Associations (YAA) Forum

This year, the ISC introduced an informal Young Academies and Associations (YAA) Forum, serving as a virtual space for exchange, learning, and collaboration among the young academies and associations within the ISC membership and the broader Early and Mid-Career Researcher (EMCR) community. EMCRs interested in attending upcoming YAA Forum meetings are encouraged to contact Gabriela Ivan, ISC Membership Development Officer, at [email protected].

Promoting the voices of EMCR in global science: 2023 highlights

  • The ISC welcomes 17 Young Academies and Associations into its membership

In 2022, the ISC launched a membership campaign, providing free Affiliated Membership to all eligible organizations of early and mid-career scientists. As a result of the campaign, the ISC is delighted to have welcomed 17 new organizations in 2023. These new members represent young academies and associations from various regions worldwide, including Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. Read more.

  • Supporting Early and Mid-career scientists and the future of climate science

During the WCRP Open Science Conference and the COP28, the International Science Council highlighted the perspectives of Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) from diverse corners of the world and various disciplines in climate sciences. This initiative aimed to amplify the voices of young researchers and their perspectives on climate action through a series of portraits. Read more.

  • Young Academies and Associations Roundtable during the ISC Global Knowledge Dialogue (GKD) in Kuala Lumpur

Over 50 scientists under the age of 45 gathered at the Young Academies and Associations Roundtable event organized by the ISC on the margins of its Global Knowledge Dialogue in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During the roundtable, representatives of Young Academies and Associations from Asia and the Pacific identified key challenges for young scientists, including publishing, gaining recognition among senior peers, raising funds, and maintaining work-life balance – and proposed recommendations. Read more.

“The impact of young scientific groups, bringing fresh thinking and innovative, sometimes disruptive ideas, is truly remarkable. The ISC, in itself, serves as a tool to ensure that the voice of science influences all those involved in science systems, including funders, the general public, science journalists, and more. To achieve this, it’s crucial for us to organize ourselves to act and speak with a unified voice.”

Dr. Salvatore Aricò, ISC CEO
  • Training the next generation of scientists and empowering their voice in international science at the ISC Mid-term Meeting of Members in Paris

Three hundred delegates, representing the global scientific community from more than 80 countries, convened in Paris for the International Science Council’s “Capitalizing on Synergies in Science” Mid-term Meeting of Members. During this gathering, ISC Members addressed critical issues facing humanity and explored the role of science in finding solutions to global challenges. The event also facilitated discussions on supporting the next generations of scientists, including a joint ISC/Global Young Academy session aimed at exploring the evolution of science education systems to meet the training needs and career aspirations of the upcoming generation of scientists. Read more.

  • Raising regional global voices in science from Latin America and the Caribbean during the SRI Congress in Panama

The ISC, represented by its Regional Office in Latin America and the Caribbean, participated at the Sustainability Research & Innovation (SRI) Congress with an interactive panel, titled “Raising Voices in the Region.” The panel explored the challenges and opportunities for enhancing the global voice of Latin American and Caribbean science systems – with a special contribution from the Young Academy of Colombia. During the panel, Camilo Delgado-Correal, Co-Chair of the Young Academy of Colombia called out to young scientists and researchers in the audience to become active agents in seeking solutions to global sustainability imperatives:  “As young scientific groups, we should collaborate to address the challenges of our generation, including employment and other complex social situations that impact our region. Our collective efforts can contribute to creating a better scientific ecosystem, providing improved opportunities for the new generations of scientists.”

Spotlight on partners’ initiatives in 2023

  • Global Young Academy Annual Meeting and International Conference of Young Scientists in Kigali

The 2023 Annual General Meeting and International Conference of Young Scientists by the Global Young Academy (GYA), themed ‘Technological Innovations for Discovering Solutions to the World’s Greatest Challenges,’ brought together 177 participants from 54 countries. The attendees included GYA members and alumni, speakers, guests, policymakers, and senior representatives from the international science management and policy community. The ISC was represented by Gabriela Ivan, ISC Membership Development Officer, and Farai Kapfudzaruwa, Research & Strategic Partnerships Manager at Future Africa. Read more.

“Among the many nice memories that I will keep from my work year 2023, the increased collaboration between the ISC and the Global Young Academy (GYA) stands out. Throughout the year, our members profited from the increased opportunities from the collaboration with the ISC and enjoyed making new connections and contributing to discussions beyond their own scientific fields. The ISC Members Meeting in May where our members and staff added the young academy’s voice to the discussions, to the GYA Annual General Meeting in Kigali in June which saw ISC and Future Africa representatives attend and contribute to the sessions, to the ISC’s Global Knowledge Dialogue Asia-Pacific in October, the ISC’s in-kind support and the productive way of working together, as well as the bursaries for some of our representatives to attend these meetings and the fantastic hosting of our Executive Committee meeting at the ISC’s premises in Paris in September – all, deserve a special thank you!”

Anna-Maria Gramatte, Senior Project Officer at the Global Young Academy
  • World Young Scientist Summit in Wenzhou and EMCR Workshop in Beijing

The ISC participated in the World Young Scientist Summit (WYSS) held in Wenzhou, China, under the theme ‘Converging the World’s Talents, Creating a Better Future.’ The Summit, featuring 13 forums, brought together four Nobel Prize winners, 37 academicians, and 850 scientists and entrepreneurs from China and abroad. The ISC actively engaged in sessions and meetings, exploring how to mobilize the collective power of young scientists worldwide to foster technological innovation and contribute to sustainable development. The trip to China concluded with a joint workshop held with ISC Member, the China Association for Science and Technology, in Beijing. The event, attended by 25 young scientists from various scientific associations across China, focused on discussions about international cooperation and the contributions of young scientists to sustainable development. Read more.

“An incredible enriching experience of attending the World Young Scientists Summit in Wenzhou representing the International Science Council and our global initiatives empowering early career researchers. Together with our Member, the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), and affiliated organizations in China, we explored ways forward in supporting young scientists from Asia and the Pacific in navigating complex science systems and in developing their careers. It was a pleasure to meet with colleagues from around the world from organizations like the Global Young Academy, Indonesian Young Academy of Science, ASEAN Young Scientists Network, Thai Young Scientists Academy and many others. It was an honour to also meet in Beijing with a remarkable group of young scientists affiliated with CAST and to discuss about ways to engage within the ISC’s ongoing and future activities around sustainable development, new technologies, science communication and outreach, open science.”

Gabriela Ivan, ISC Membership Development Officer

Special Thank You

The ISC expresses its gratitude to all the ISC Members who actively supported and were engaged in EMCR related activities. The ISC would like to especially acknowledge the fantastic contributions and the excellent ongoing partnership with the Global Young Academy (GYA) across multiple events, meetings and exchanges of ideas that infuse our joint work with energy and passion towards empowering EMCRs across the world.

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