Open science round-up: July 2022

The latest news on open science from around the world in the month of July, and events and opportunities coming up through August and September.

Open science round-up: July 2022

Big stories in open science:

Open Science Events and Opportunities:

Our top ten open science reads from June:

  1. The challenge of measuring scholarly communication
  2. The Political Economy of Academic Publications  
  3. Open Science practices that improve reproducibility & support trust in science
  4. Why traditional startups struggle to disrupt the academic publishing industry.
  5. A Community Response to the UNESCO global call for best practices in investing in open science infrastructures
  6. Crossref as a source of open bibliographic metadata
  7. The Cornerstone Of Modern Science Is Broken, Some Say. Here’s How We Can Fix It
  8. How Will Open Access Research Help Tackle Future Pandemics?
  9. Preprints as a driver of open science: opportunities for Southeast Asia
  10. Despite promising developments, African researchers are still disadvantaged in publication

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