Recommendations from the Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation at Rio+20

<p>The Forum was a great success, bringing together leading international scientists, policy-makers, industry, NGOs, journalists and youth from more than 75 countries. Over 1,000 people attended the event, with another 1,000 watching the live webcast and many more interacting via social media. Recommendations from the sessions are now online, alongside the live blog, recordings of the sessions and other information.</p>


How to Describe Nanomaterials – an ICSU workshop in Paris

<p>In response to requests from several groups involved in preparing standards for nanotechnology, the International Council for Science and <a href="">CODATA</a>, the ICSU Committee on Data For Science and Technology, organized a workshop on 23-24 February 2012 to consider standards for describing materials on the nanoscale. A total of 51 international experts attended, including representatives of ten international unions, <a href="">ISO Technical Committee</a> 229 on Nanotechnology, industry, government and academia, national standards development organizations and the <a href="">OECD</a>.</p>


The International Council for Science pledges support for scientists in the L’Aquila case

<p>The International Council for Science (ICSU), as representative of the global scientific community, expresses its strong concern regarding the case of the six scientists who have been found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six year prison terms because of their role in providing scientific advice prior to the earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy, in 2009.</p>


Climate Research in the Next Decade of Earth System Research

<p>Professor Deliang Chen—ICSU Executive Director—gave a keynote opening speech at the <a href="">World Climate Research Programme</a> (WCRP) Open Science Conference, and was featured in a conference interview.</p>


Planning moves ahead on ESSI

<p>The Earth System Sustainability Initiative (ESSI) will provide a new overarching framework for global environmental change research – and be expected to unify or strategically integrate relevant components of the existing ICSU-sponsored Global Environmental Change Programmes.</p>


Call for Applications: Urban Dynamics and Health Conference

<p>As part of our new interdisciplinary initiative “Health and wellbeing in the changing urban environment”, we are co-organising a series of international conferences on urban dynamics and health. Applications for the first conference, to be held in Paris in September 2013, are now open and will close on January 31st.</p>


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