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Hamburg Science Summit 2024

Körber-Stiftung | Hamburg, Germany
Add to Calendar 2024-09-19 09:00:00 UTC 2024-09-20 00:00:00 UTC UTC Hamburg Science Summit 2024 Körber-Stiftung | Hamburg, Germany

Science and innovation are key to meeting the challenges of a changing world. They are essential for Europe to remain competitive on the world stage and to shape its future in line with its values and interests. At the Hamburg Science Summit, decision-makers from science, politics, business and NGOs discuss the necessary framework conditions for the European science and innovation landscape. The annual event is organized by the Körber-Stiftung and the Ministry of Science in Hamburg.

The inaugural conference on 19 September 2024 is dedicated to Europe’s technological sovereignty. Driven by the vision of a self-determined and sustainable Europe, it will explore the competitiveness of the European science and innovation area in key fields of technology.

The Summit will conclude with the presentation of the Körber European Science Prize on 20 September 2024. With a prize money of one million euros, the Körber Prize is one of the world’s most valuable science awards – and the only one with an explicit European focus. It promotes outstanding scientific breakthroughs with global significance and promising future prospects.

Europe’s path towards tech sovereignty

Technologies shape our daily lives and will do so even more in the years to come. In a world facing global challenges, from the climate crisis to the emergence of pandemics, technological innovation plays a crucial part in ensuring health, prosperity and sustainability. But technologies also play a critical role in geopolitics. Be it the development of artificial intelligence, new vaccines or key innovations for the energy transition: The rapidly intensifying competition for the best technologies has become a matter of geopolitical power. From a European perspective, this raises the question of how Europe – including both EU and non-EU partners – should navigate the global technology race.

Key questions

  • How can Europe remain competitive in crucial fields such as artificial intelligence, energy storage, and medical technologies on a global scale?
  • What kind of financial, political and social framework conditions are needed to promote Europe’s technological sovereignty?
  • In which fields, if any, should Europe aim for technological sovereignty? And where should it rely on its global partners?
  • How should Europe respond when economic and technological interests collide with democratic principles or academic freedom?


Researchers, policy experts, innovators and representatives of institutions and companies from across Europe are invited to participate. Due to limited availability, a selection may be made by the organisers.


Please visit the Hamburg science summit 2024‘s online page to view the event programme.

ISC Member, the Young Academy of Europe will host a panel dedicated to discussion about research careers in Europe, entitled “Embarking on a PhD and an academic career in Europe – What are the prospects?“. The panel will feature a diverse set of panellists representing all career stages and related researcher associations (e.g. Eurodoc, MCAA, YAE and Academia Europaea). 

Photo by Alexander Bagno on Unsplash

Add to Calendar 2024-09-19 09:00:00 UTC 2024-09-20 00:00:00 UTC UTC Hamburg Science Summit 2024 Körber-Stiftung | Hamburg, Germany
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