Science in Exile podcast series launched

ISC Presents: Science in Exile features interviews with refugee and displaced scientists who share their science, their stories of displacement, and their hopes for the future. In the first episode, available now, Feras Kharrat shares his experiences as a scholar of molecular biomedicine, first in Syria, and now in Italy.


Working scientist podcast: Combating racism in science systems

In the past year the issue of systemic racism has been thrown into sharp focus in societies across the world. The institutions and practices of the science community are not immune to this kind of discrimination. In this final episode of the podcast series, we explore what can be done to combat racism in science.


Women in science leadership

This International Women's Day ISC members and partners are celebrating gender equality in different domains of science - and in the pandemic response.


women scientists discuss

Working scientist podcast: Gender, sexuality and representation

Creating safe and welcoming working environments for all scientists helps to improve scientific collaboration and ultimately advances science. In our latest podcast, we hear about ongoing initiatives to foster welcoming spaces for LGBTQIA+ researchers, and practical steps for organizations such as the ISC and others who wish to be better allies for LGBTQIA+ colleagues.


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