COVID-19 Public Health and Social Measures (PHSMs) Research Outcome Conference

October 5-7 2021
7:00 – 21:00 CET

Each day will have 7 slots, each lasting 105 minutes (including a 15 minutes break).

The COVID-19 PHSMs Research Outcome Conference provides an important forum for scholars to share and exchange information on research findings based on the datasets that are produced by PHSM Network members. They will cover a diverse spectrum across disciplines from epidemiology over social science to policy and economics and we aim to include voices and views from different backgrounds, both professionally and geographically. The conference will also create space for public health scholars to debate future pandemics and preparedness measures.

As part of this, the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) will be running a workshop on Learning from global experiences: Uses of trackers by policymakers and evidence-to-policy organizations, co-organized with the Blavatnik / Oxford tracker group.


  • Submit application (August 31)
  • Decisions communicated to participants (September 6)
  • Registration Open (September 6)
  • Registration Closed (September 20)
  • Program Finalized (September 27)
  • Submit final papers (September 29)
  • Have a great conference! (October 5-7)


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