ISC Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) Forum Meeting | 27 and 28 May

27 May | 07:00 – 08:00 UTC; 28 May | 16:00 – 17:00 UTC | Online
ISC Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) Forum Meeting | 27 and 28 May

This session will present the UNDRR/ISC Hazard Information Profiles (HIPs), the rationale for their development after the Global Platform for DRR in 2019, the information they contain, and how they are, and can be used. 

The HIPs provide concise (2-4 pages) information on 302 hazards organized in 8 groups (meteorological and hydrological, extraterrestrial, environmental, geological, chemical, biological, technological, and societal). The information include a high-level definition, additional information, metrics, international related treaty, drivers, outcomes and risk management. They are used for risk reduction, risk management training, and research.

The HIPs are currently ongoing a ‘light touch’ review. This process aims to update the information on the HIPs where necessary and to add in the HIPS more information on the ‘multi-hazard context’ for each hazard. This process is led by experts but will include a review process by scientists and users to ensure the information presented is scientifically robust and user friendly. The HIPs need to be usable, useful and used.

Opportunities to participate in the process will be presented during the session held by Helene Jacot Des Combes, Project Manager at the ISC, on behalf of the Project Steering group.

ISC Members, Young Academies and Associations, together with other young scientific groups and individual Early and Mid-Career Researchers are invited to join the meeting.

Hazard Information Profiles: Supplement to UNDRR-ISC Hazard Definition & Classification Review – Technical Report

Geneva, Switzerland, United Nations
Office for Disaster Risk Reduction; Paris, France,
International Science Council.

Press Release: Disaster risk reduction: UNDRR and ISC to review Hazard Information Profiles ahead of 2025 Global Platform

Image by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

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