Knowledge Sharing Session: Increasing Member engagement in UN processes, including Stockholm+50 and HLPF

Member Zoom meetings Monday 25 April | 16:00 CEST | 14:00 UTC Tuesday 26 April | 09:00 CEST | 07:00 UTC
Knowledge Sharing Session: Increasing Member engagement in UN processes, including Stockholm+50 and HLPF

In 2021, the ISC released a report the ISC’s engagement in UN processes led by Julia Marton-Lefèvre and a steering group. The report, ISC strategy in the intergovernmental system, gave 13 recommendations for the ISC. It’s now time to report on some of the progress of these recommendations and to inform you of some practical ways ISC members can increase their engagement or assist the ISC to have a strong voice in intergovernmental process.

Join Acting CEO and Science Director, Mathieu Denis, and Communication Director Alison Meston, for a general information and discussion session on the ISC strategy in intergovernmental processes, including Stockholm +50, the High Level Political Forum and more.

This is an ISC Members and Affiliated Bodies session.


00:00Alison MestonWelcome
00:03Mathieu DenisUpdates on the ISC’s strategy for UN engagement, including the ISC’s current work with UN agencies, and the role with the UN Major Group for the Scientific and Technological Community in the High Level Political Forum
00:15All Q&A and discussion
00:25Alison MestonStockholm +50 Campaign: Alison will outline a new campaign for the ISC and its Members that builds on this letter based on the Menton Statement delivered by scientists at the original Stockholm conference 50 years ago. Many of the issues outlined in the letter are still very relevant today. A 2022 letter could raise the issue of the need for leadership and planetary stewardship in the Anthropocene, based on the planetary emergency and growing inequalities. The campaign will also raise the profile of ISC Members.
00:30All Q&A And discussion on Stockholm +50 campaign
00:40Anda PopoviciWe want to develop an active group of Members working on the SDGs. How do we do this and strengthen ISC Member engagement in the implementation of the SDGs and processes like the HLPF?
00:45AllQ&A and discussion

Image by GPA Photo Archive on Flickr.

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