Virtual Seminar: Medical Ethics in Teaching, Research and Practice

The objective of this seminar is to train the faculty in effective implementation of the ethics in medical and health sciences in India especially in North Karnataka.
Virtual Seminar: Medical Ethics in Teaching, Research and Practice

Ethics deals with right and wrong conduct, with what we ought to do and what we should refrain from doing. The word “ethics”, when used in this way, usually serves as a modifier for another word, e.g. business ethics, medical ethics, sports ethics, military ethics, etc. The expressions “professional ethics”, “medical ethics” or “bioethics” was coined by Thomas Percival (1803).


  1. To introduce and deliver bioethics and professionalism training to medical teachers for undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum.
  2. To prepare an updated and modern curriculum, reflecting the need for integration of ethics during the training period and for its effective implementation in clinical practice.
  3. To increase interest and respect to values involved in health care delivery and raising awareness for competing interests across the world.
  4. To train researchers from health sciences on ethical perspective of research especially in clinical trials.
  5. To create training programs for teachers and instructors of ethics in health sciences research publication
  6. To initiate, collaborate, facilitate and participate research related to bioethics

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Topics to be covered

1. Modern biological sciences Progress and Challenges.

2. The Challenges of Modern Clinical Test.

3. Medical Practice: Ethics and Problems.

4. Medical Ethics in India

5. Ethics in COVID-19 era

6. Ethical issues and possible solutions of Genetic Screening and Testing.

7. Ethical issues and possible solutions of Amniocentesis.

8. Ethical issues and possible solutions of Organ Transplantations

9. Ethical issues in teaching medicine and life sciences

10. Ethical teaching

11. Ethics and international collaborations

12. Ethical issues in research and publications.


Target participants

Doctors, medical and health sciences teachers, postgraduate and undergraduate medical students and medical scientists of various medical and health sciences higher education institutions and hospitals in India especially in north Karnataka.

Contact: Dr.Lata Mullur, Organizing Secretary, phone +919449752899, email:

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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