Regional consultative meeting for ISC Members in Africa

A virtual meeting to gather all ISC members based on the African continent.

In its Action Plan 2019 -2021 Advancing Science as a Global Public Goodthe International Science Council outlines a strategy to strengthen its presence and impact in regions of the world. Central to this strategy is the creation of a single global secretariat headquartered in Paris, France, with branches in different parts of the world, that would work as one team to deliver the global ISC strategy and action plans.

On 30 March 2020, the ISC will hold a virtual consultative meetings for its members in Africa. The purpose of these meetings is to work with members to ensure that the new global secretariat meets the needs of the Council and strengthens membership engagement everywhere. The regional meetings aim to:

ISC Members should already have received an email to their designated contact points inviting them to participate. If you are interested and have not already registered, please contact Richard

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