Regional Dialogue on Rethinking Human Development for today’s world: Voices from Sub-Saharan Africa

10 November 2020
11:00 – 12:00 GMT

Since its introduction, the Human Development Report has been influential in broadening the scope of the concept of development by pointing decision-makers to the multi-dimensional nature of development. Fundamental shifts are now taking place in how we understand ourselves and our connections to local and global societies in the light of new technologies, socio-political realities and deep environmental changes.

In early 2020, and at the height of the first wave of the global pandemic, the ISC invited a wide variety of experts, and its members, to explore rethinking human development. The result was a new publication, Conversations on Rethinking Human Development and its accompanying multi-media website (both will be online from 6 November 2020).

This webinar is part of the Global Relay on Rethinking Human Development, complementing a high-level dialogue on 10 November and a series of other regional dialogues to explore the findings of this project, and start a new journey of dialogues around Rethinking Human Development for today’s world.

Connie Nshemereirwe
Independent Science and Policy Facilitator, Immediate Past Co-Chair of the Global Young Academy

Carolina Odman
Inter-University Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy, University of the Western Cape

Kevin Govender
Office of Astronomy for Development

Daniel Nyanganyura
(Opening remarks)
Director, International Science Council regional office for Africa

Alison Meston
Communications Director, International Science Council

Richard Glover
(Closing remarks)
Programme Specialist, International Science Council regional office for Africa


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