Belarus, National Academy of Sciences (NASB)

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has been a member since 1992.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is a higher state scientific organization, the largest multidisciplinary research body in the Republic of Belarus. Since 1929, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has been the centre for creative scientific thinking. It is actively involved in all fields of knowledge: mathematics, physics, chemistry, geophysics, biology, biotechnology, electronics, new materials, natural resources, medicine, social and human sciences. The Academy is located throughout Belarus with 50 research institutes and departments, and has a team of 4,411 researchers and about 5,995 associates. It unites most of the highly qualified scientists of the Republic.. There are 473 professors and 1,875 PhD, the number of post-graduate students is 647.

The finances for fundamental and applied research are mainly allocated from the state budget. Another part of the finances comes from government science-technological programmes and state contracts and is intended for development of research of practical importance. There are also direct contracts between the institutes and industrial, agricultural, military, medical service, etc., enterprises, which play a substantial role in financing research at the Academy.

The scientific achievements of the research are realized by special design bureaux providing pilot and low-scale production. About 100 new books, nearly 6,600 papers and about 50 patents are produced yearly by Academy. The institutes of the Academy cooperate with more than 200 foreign research centres.

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