Caribbean, Caribbean Academy of Sciences (CAS)

The Caribbean Academy of Sciences has been a member since 1993.

The Caribbean Academy of Sciences was inaugurated at an international seminar on Science, Society and Development held in Port of Spain from 16 to 17 May 1988. It is organized under five divisions covering the natural, agricultural, medical, engineering and social sciences. The membership stands at just over 150.

The Academy is an independent, non-governmental body with the following objectives: i) to provide a forum for interchange of ideas among scientists on important issues related to the application of science and technology to development; ii) to serve as a source of advice to regional, governmental and non-governmental organizations in scientific and technological matters; iii) to facilitate cooperation among scientists and promote the execution and coordination of scientific research in all its aspects; iv) to liaise with relevant research organizations and assist in facilitating their mutual interaction; v) to recognize and reward outstanding performance and achievement within the region in the fields of science and technology; vi) to undertake and collaborate in the collation and publication of the results of scientific research; vii) to raise the level of scientific consciousness in the region and increase the public understanding and appreciation of the importance and potential of science and technology in human progress; and viii) to establish and maintain high standards and ethics in all scientific endeavour.

The Caribbean Academy of Sciences represents the Caribbean region on international scientific bodies and has joint agreements with other academies and academic institutions.

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