Greece, Academy of Athens

The Academy of Athens has been a member since 1919.

The Academy of Athens is the highest scientific institution in Greece. It was established in 1926 and is considered to be the heir of Plato’s Academy. The main purpose of the Academy is to promote the sciences, humanities and arts. It is an independent body. It assists the government by communicating, through the Ministry of Education, its views on important national scientific and cultural issues. The Academy is the only institution in Greece which, through its membership in various international bodies such as the International Council for Science, l’Union académique internationale, and others, may represent the country in these organizations. The Academy has three Classes or Sections: a) Natural and Applied Sciences, b) Humanities and Fine Arts, c) Moral and Political Sciences. The Academy elects its Regular Members whose tenure is for life. As part of its activities, the Academy honours eminent individuals by electing them as Fellows of the Academy or as Corresponding Members. It bestows awards to scientists and intellectuals for distinguished contributions in their field. The Academy publishes its Transaction (Praktika), Monographs, as well as scholarly books and journals.

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