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International Network for Advancing Science and Policy (INASP)

INASP has been a member since 2020.

INASP is an international development organization based in Oxford whose work supports Southern research and knowledge to transform lives. Established in 1992 to improve access to information and knowledge for researchers, INASP’s work includes a wide range of activities to build the capacity of research producers and users in emerging and developing countries.

INASP’s vision is research and knowledge at the heart of development, and their mission is to support individuals and institutions to produce, share and use research and knowledge to transform lives.

INASP supports higher education and learning so that university graduates can produce and use evidence more effectively in their professional, civic and private roles. In addition, INASP supports research capacity so that researchers can design, undertake and communicate relevant and rigorous research; Southern research communities can publish their own research, and gain visibility and credibility for this work; and a more diverse group of universities and research institutions can participate, produce and publish research, and strengthen their teaching and learning. INASP also supports the use of evidence in policy and practice so that civil servants, public officials and parliamentary staff can make better use of evidence and public agencies can identify and use a diverse range of rigorous and relevant evidence.

INASP works to understand and support impact so that research funders and other actors understand the most effective ways of supporting Southern knowledge production and use and Northern research institutions can develop and support more equitable partnerships with Southern institutions.

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