Lithuania, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences is a member since 1992.

The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences was founded on 16 January 1941. It covers the entire field of learning. The Academy is based on personal membership by election and is composed of full members (up to 40), corresponding members (up to 60) and foreign members (unlimited number), all of these elected for their lifetime, as well as expert members (up to 50), elected for five years.

The Academy is an advisory body to the Government in all fields of science. It has as its main activities publishing, organizing scientific events, establishing international scientific cooperation, participating in the activities of scientific organizations abroad and joining them as a member, promoting young scientists and students both in Lithuania and abroad, founding awards for distinguished scientific results, etc. The Academy devotes particular attention to the development of international contacts. It has agreements on scientific cooperation with more than 25 scientific institutions from various countries. It has a library and a publishing house “Academia”.

The highest authority of the Academy is the Assembly of its members, called at least twice a year. Between the sessions it is headed by the Presidium and the President, both elected for 4 years. The Presidium consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-General and the Chairs of the divisions. The Academy has 5 divisions: I) social sciences and the humanities, II) mathematical, physical and chemical sciences, III) biological, medical and geosciences, IV) technical sciences, V) agricultural and forestry sciences.