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Mongolia, Mongolian Academy of Sciences

The Mongolian Academy of Sciences has been a member since 1981.

The Mongolian Academy of Sciences (MAS), created in 1961, is the central organization for the development of science and technology in Mongolia. It is an autonomous organization operating under the auspices of the State. Its main activity is to carry out basic research in various fields of science. The MAS operates 17 basic research institutes and centres, where some 700 scientists work.

Renowned Mongolian scientists are elected members of the MAS. The MAS also has foreign members. The supreme governing body is the General Assembly (GA) of the Academy members. There are currently six Sub-Assemblies in physics and mathematics, biology and agricultural sciences, social sciences, medical sciences, earth sciences, and technology. The CEO is the President elected by the GA for a term of four years. The MAS can negotiate and sign agreements with foreign institutions. Recently, in May 1996, the Mongolian Parliament passed the Act on the Legal Status of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences with the aim of further enhancing the development of science and technology. This Act is now the basis of the activities of the MAS. The MAS publishes a quarterly Proceedings and the institutes of the Academy publish annual Proceedings.

Current Requests

As of September 2022, the Mongolian Academy of Sciences is keen to hear from other ISC Members, especially Academies, on building pathways and actionable knowledge around transdisciplinary science. Please contact Dr Balt Suvdansetseg (suvdansetseg[at] if you can offer peer to peer learning in this field.

Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

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