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Philippines, Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC)

The Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC) is a Member Organization of ISC.

The Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC) is a private, non-stock, non-profit organization of professional social science associations and social science research and instructional institutions in the Philippines. Its vision is “One Social Science in solidarity with other disciplines for Filipinos and the global community”. Anchored on this vision, PSSC aims to advance thought leadership, social forecasting, and advocacy in the Philippine social sciences. Specifically, to lead in social science knowledge creation and sharing; to nurture an environment for disciplinal advancement; and to link social science knowledge to public policies.

PSSC seeks to continuously work towards its vision and mission by providing support to the activities of its member-organizations and institutions; administering grants and fellowships; conducting training workshops, fora and conferences; and pursuing and disseminating research.

Today, PSSC is one of the country’s longest running and financially viable not-for-profit organizations. It has carved its niche as a base for developing social science scholarship and training, and as repository of social science resources in the country.

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