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Romania, Academia Româna

The Academia Româna has been a member since 1931.

The Romanian Academy, founded in 1866, is the highest scientific and cultural forum in the country. It mainly carries out fundamental and advanced research in its 68 institutions, and concludes agreements with similar academies and institutions from 30 countries. It includes 181 Romanian full and corresponding members and honorary members (from Romania and abroad). It is organized into 14 sections: Philology and Literature; Historical Sciences and Archaeology; Mathematical Sciences; Physical Sciences; Chemical Sciences; Biological Sciences; Geonomical Sciences; Technical Sciences; Agricultural and Forestry Sciences; Medical Sciences; Economic, Legal Sciences and Sociology; Philosophical, Psychological Sciences, Theology and Pedagogy; Arts, Architecture and Audio-Visual; and Science and Technology of Information. It also has a publishing house and an extensive library. At present, the Romanian Academy is an autonomous institution, whose executive leadership is a Board consisting of a President, 4 Vice-Presidents and a Secretary-General.

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